ArtNaturals Natural Beard Conditioner – 8 F Oz – Infused with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Jojoba Oil – Sulfate Free

USD 11.99

  • artnaturals' Beard Conditioner is uniquely formulated to deep condition the thicker, more wiry hair of beards and mustaches, soothing and smoothing for easy styling.
  • Aloe vera moisturizes hair and skin, reducing irritation and "beardruff," while tea tree oil uses its antiseptic power to fight itch, redness and inflammation.
  • Argan oil deep-cleans pores, jojoba oil and shea butter, renew, replenish and revive facial hair, as quinoa protein thickens hair, revving up shine.
  • Licorice and nettle root extracts combat hair loss and jump-start regrowth, helping fill in beard and stache patchy spots.
  • artnaturals' Beard Deep Conditioner is made with premium-quality botanical ingredients, and is paraben free and cruelty free.

Groomed is in, grizzly is not. Thicker, more wiry facial hair needs extra conditioning to ditch the itch and avoid beard burn for your sig other. artnaturals' Beard Conditioner will soften and smooth your stache and beard as it deep cleans and moisturizes your face. Aloe vera, tea tree, argan, jojoba and blue cypress wood oils, shea butter, and proteins all blend to make styling easier and facial hair fuller and shinier.
Our Beard Conditioner uses soothing, moisturizing aloe vera, and jojoba oil to reduce the dreaded "beardruff," and promote healthy hair growth. No more patchy places! Combines that with the antiseptic, anti-bacterial power of tea tree oil for big-time germ-fighting power, then add in stimulating rosemary extract and blue cypress wood oil. Your beard is gonna love you for it!
The Conditioner's formulation also teams shea butter, chock-full of Vitamins A and E, with quinoa protein, which has been shown to form an invisible film over hair shafts, protecting hair from environmental damage. This protein also hydrates, nourishes, and penetrates the hair shafts for repair and increased gloss and shine.
Yet other boons for your beard are licorice root extract, which helps prevent hair loss and evens out the "patchy places," and nettle leaf extract, which both helps prevent loss and aids in regrowth.
Your beard and stache will be in top Condition. For even more power help, use with artnaturals' Beard Wash.

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